Children are totally dependent on adults for the fulfillment of their needs especially during the early years of childhood. The dependency makes children vulnerable when supportive adults are not around. As children grow they find themselves facing issues on their own. They have to find solutions on their own. Stories and poems have played an important role not just in entertaining children but also in helping them deal with childhood related challenges. Stories and poems help build character and independence.

I write stories and poems that support and empower children by validating childhood experiences, the joys and the challenges. I occasionally write for grown-ups.

Poems that Empower Children
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I dedicate the following poem to all the people who feel ‘displaced’ – whether it be within themselves or in the external world – displaced from the familiarity, comfort, love and security of relationships, family, home, town, state, country or a thousand other ways in which human beings can feel unanchored. The poem is a winner of the Editor’s Choice Award at Poetry.com.

While I’ve moved from place to place
Following my reason,
My bewildered heart has wondered,
Where do I belong?
The town where I was born and bred
Was home to me until,
I chased my dreams and left the place
I carry within me still.
A new horizon, new beginning
Endless possibilities,
Then storms arise and crush my hopes
My heart’s in agony,
Is this my destiny?
I close my eyes and trace my footsteps,
See all the places I’ve been,
And there are fragments of my heart
Entwined in every scene.
My tortured heart finds peace at last
As the answer dawns on me,
I belong to all I’ve touched
And all belongs to me.