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Children are totally dependent on adults for the fulfillment of their needs especially during the early years of childhood. The dependency makes children vulnerable when supportive adults are not around. As children grow they find themselves facing issues on their own. They have to find solutions on their own. Story books and poetry books for kids have played an important role not just in entertaining children but also in helping them deal with childhood related challenges. Stories and poems help build character and independence.

I write stories and poems that support and empower children by validating childhood experiences, the joys and the challenges. I occasionally write for grown-ups.

Poems that Empower Children


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squirrel sibling issues, sister teaches herself to do her own thing
NEW A Squirrel in Trouble
3 magic keys are food groups, age appropriate portions, exercise
NEW Three Magic Keys to Good Health


…. an excerpt from the book, Poems that Empower Children

Stories begin, stories end,
in the middle, stories bend.
They twist, turn, wander, and run,
holding your hand like a true friend.

They take you to places you’ve never gone,
to old worlds and eras where you wish you belong.
On wondrous safaris and odysseys in space
and you make new friendships for which you have longed.

You meet a girl with an exceptional mind,
with a passion to serve though deaf and blind,
an author-ambassador with a mission to care
for the visually impaired and all mankind.

Stories take you to those with different looks,
some live in deserts, some close to brooks.
The food they eat may look rather strange,
but they all love their stories; they all love their books!

You’re late into bed and out of sheer habit,
grab a book from the shelf about a little rabbit.
Wonder of wonders, the rabbit’s a wizard!
You can’t stop reading till your mom comes and grabs it.

At the end of a day that’s been hard to stand,
you’re slumped and unhappy, a book in your hand.
You open the book, smile, laugh, and then roar!
Life’s good, after all—in fantasyland……