Children are totally dependent on adults for the fulfillment of their needs especially during the early years of childhood. The dependency makes children vulnerable when supportive adults are not around. As children grow they find themselves facing issues on their own. They have to find solutions on their own. Story books and poetry books for kids have played an important role not just in entertaining children but also in helping them deal with childhood related challenges. Stories and poems help build character and independence.

I write stories and poems that support and empower children by validating childhood experiences, the joys and the challenges. I occasionally write for grown-ups.

E-Book and Paperback: I See Things From Where I Am

I See Things From Where I Am: Jimmy and his dad disagree about many things. Jimmy enjoys chocolate chips and cheese in his noodles while his dad is disgusted by the idea ¬ and the list goes on. The good thing is that Jimmy and his dad have agreed to disagree. A fun poem about ‘differences in points of view’. US$2.99

NEW VERSION/Poems that Empower Children

Poems that Empower Children

A random collection of poems for ages 4-12 years that I have written over the years. The poems celebrate the joys of childhood such as getting caught in rain, consider the confusion when a child faces learning differences, speak about the heartache when children lose their anchors, talk about the fun and information that the world of reading provides and raise awareness of little matters such as following rules and being courteous – things that bring order and peace in life. I have written the poems from my heart for my own children, grandchildren and all children. Available as e-book, paper back and hard copy.

 E-Book: Zebi’s Dream

Zebi’s Dream: A book about a poor girl who dreams of going to school one day. For 7-9 year-olds. Now with colored illustrations! Download from Amazon. US$ 2.99


squirrel sibling issues, sister teaches herself to do her own thing
NEW A Squirrel in Trouble
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NEW Three Magic Keys to Good Health

Zebi’s Dream is available at Amazon.com as a paperback and an ebook. It is a story for 9-11 year old children. Zebi is an underprivileged child growing up on the streets in a sprawling metropolitan city in Southeast Asia. Zebi, her mother and baby brother spend their days on the hot scorching streets of the city. With outstretched hands, they run towards cars as they stop at traffic signals. But Zebi has a dream; she wants to go to school. Zebi’s does not give up her dream in spite of unsurmountable odds.
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…. an excerpt from the book, Zebi’s Dream


One day, the girl saw Zebi and held out a book. Zebi looked at her questioningly. It was surely a mistake! The girl spoke softly, “I’m Hina. The book is for you.” Zebi’s heart pounded as she took the book. The cover showed a child reading a book under a tree. As the car sped away, Hina turned to see Zebi run towards a tree by the roadside, the book clutched tightly in her hands. Heart racing, Zebi sat down and opened the book. There were pictures of laughing children playing under blue skies, licking ice cream and sitting at desks in bright classrooms. There were pictures of wild animals in jungles, snow-covered mountains, turquoise seas, and golden deserts.

When the signals turned red, Zebi had to force herself to close the book, hide it and run towards the cars. She couldn’t wait for night when she would sit up, and in the light filtering in through the holes in their ‘roof’, would quietly soak in the pictures and struggle to read whatever she could.