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Consider the world a garden, children the buds who will one day bloom into flowers,
and adults the gardeners and caretakers ….

Boy From Three Worlds

13 year-old Waris, a first generation N. American, experiences conflict in his relationship with his immigrant father who is going through his own challenges as he struggles to integrate in a new country.
The setting of the story is far away Gilgit, a ruggedly scenic mountainous terrain where Waris is visiting with his father. Away from home Waris is miserable. His life changes when he decides to follow his own heart. The rest of his stay is full of adventure, mystery, friends he makes, the bully he encounters and the heroic act he decides to undertake.
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Boy From Three Worlds

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I See Things From Where I Am

Suraj the Tiger

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Farida Mirza

Farida Mirza is a published author of children’s books. Six of her books have been published by Oxford University Press. She was born in India and has lived in the UK, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Canada and the US. Farida is an English and Psychology teacher. Farida obtained a Technical Writer diploma from the Algonquin College of Applied Arts & Technology, Ottawa, Canada and continued to work in both professions in Canada and the the US. She was an editor at Yahoo! Inc. in Burbank, CA. All the while she was writing for children. Farida writes uplifting stories that entertain and empower children by ‘opening doors’ for them.


What Our Readers Say

“Wonderful collection of short poems that will lift the spirits of children. The length of the poems are absolutely accurate not too long not too short. My daughter and I read the poems together and enjoyed every poem throughly. It transferred me to my childhood and left a big smile on our face throughout. I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers of K-5th grade children. "
Review From, Poems That Empower Children
"“Fun rhyming story - great for reading out loud! Jimmy and his dad see things differently and from different vantage points, but it’s okay! Teaches kids the important lesson that there are different points of view. Also teaches opposites, or antonyms, which are highlighted on each page. A fun read for all little ones."
Review, I See Things From Where I Am

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