Farida Mirza

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Some thoughts about how a child with learning difficulties feels ‘different’.


By Farida Mirza

I see you, you and you.
Do you see me?
The ‘me’ that’s inside.
The ‘me’ that’s different.
I see you glance at me,
the way one glances at a stranger,
when all I do is what you do.
I know I am different.
Why? I ask myself,
then wish I were you.
I know all that you know,
understand all that you do,
can achieve what you can,
and may be more.
You ask me,
Then why don’t you?
‘coz my way is different and I only know mine.
Do it your way then.
I try but you don’t understand.
Try harder, convince us, you say.
I do, I struggle all the time.
I have so much to show you, so much to share
If I only knew how.
And the day that I do, you’ll be surprised.