A glimpse into the experiences of a child who feels ‘different’:


By Farida Mirza

I see you and you and you.

Do you see me?

I mean, the ‘inside’ me?

The ‘me’ that is different?

I see you glance at me,

the way one glances at a stranger,

when all I do is laugh at a joke,

as does the whole class.

I see more of the same glances

whether I speak or am silent.

I know I am different.

Why? I ask myself and wish I were you.

I know all that you know,

understand all that you do,

have feelings like yours,

can achieve what you can,

and may be sometimes more.

You ask,

Then why don’t you?

‘coz my way is different and I only know mine.

Do it your way then.

I cannot, I need help, you won’t understand.

Try harder, you say.

I do, I struggle all the time.

I have so much to show you, so much to share

If I only knew how. 

And when I do, you’ll be surprised.