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Boy From Three Worlds

Waris’s passion is soccer and his dream is to play center middle field. He practices hard for the position. His father blames soccer for Waris’s ‘unsatisfactory’ grades at school.

A few days before his Grade 7 soccer coach, Mr. Perkins is to announce his selection for the position, Waris overhears shattering news. His father is taking him on a nine-month business trip to Gilgit, Baltistan to ‘make a man out of him’. Life in Gilgit without distractions will be good for his son’s academic progress. Waris will do his school assignments remotely.

Poems that Empower Children

Do you remember the joy of being caught in rainfall as a child? The breathtaking worlds of nature and fantasy that stories transported you to? Fears of darkness, of doctor visits or clowns? The confusion when grown-ups didn’t understand why you liked chocolate with cheese on your noodles? Or, why you learned differently from other children?

The collection of poems and rhymes provides reading fun while validating children’s experiences. Farida Mirza, a psychology instructor, a schoolteacher, a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother writes to empower children.

I See Things From Where I Am

Jimmy and Dad sometimes disagree. For instance, Jimmy loves to add chocolate sauce to his cheese and noodles; his Dad, not so much. However, they have agreed to disagree. I See Things From Where I Am is a humorous poem that uses fun illustrations to raise awareness in children of ‘differences in points of view’.

‘Word opposites’ or ‘antonyms’ used in the verses are highlighted in color and reinforce the main concept. The poem is a fun way of introducing understanding and tolerance to 6-9 year-old children.

Suraj the Tiger Cub

Suraj the Tiger Cub is a collection of three stories that address issues faced by many children and their happy resolution. In these stories the protagonist Suraj is plagued by fears, lack of friends, and encounters a bully. In ‘Not Afraid Anymore’, Suraj rescues a little rabbit from the clutches of a dreaded eagle, Cheel.

In ‘Making Friends’, the lonely tiger cub discovers a way of making friends, and in ‘The Bully’, the heroic Suraj stops a bully from scaring young animals.


What Our Readers Say

“Wonderful collection of short poems that will lift the spirits of children. The length of the poems are absolutely accurate not too long not too short. My daughter and I read the poems together and enjoyed every poem throughly. It transferred me to my childhood and left a big smile on our face throughout. I highly recommend this book to parents and teachers of K-5th grade children. "
Review From, Poems That Empower Children
"“Fun rhyming story - great for reading out loud! Jimmy and his dad see things differently and from different vantage points, but it’s okay! Teaches kids the important lesson that there are different points of view. Also teaches opposites, or antonyms, which are highlighted on each page. A fun read for all little ones."
Review, I See Things From Where I Am

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