Farida Mirza

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Boy From Three Worlds

New Book I am so happy that I was able to publish a middle grade contemporary fiction, Boy From Three Worlds, in September 2022. The story reflects some of my own experiences and observations after leaving home. I wrote the book for 8-15 year-old children and those who like to read all genres. It’s a … Read more


Some thoughts about how a child with learning difficulties feels ‘different’. YOU AND ME By Farida Mirza I see you, you and you. Do you see me? The ‘me’ that’s inside. The ‘me’ that’s different. I see you glance at me, the way one glances at a stranger, when all I do is what you … Read more

The Vironaut

READ FOR FREE A little boy decides to become a vironaut, a slayer of viruses during the corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic. He does his schoolwork and has fun adventures while staying safe and healthy. If you like the story, please ‘Like’ and leave a comment. Thanks.    

Zebi’s Dream is ready for order

Zebi’s Dream is the story of a 7 year-old girl with determination and courage to go after her dream. Zebi is homeless and lives on the streets of a large crowded city in South East Asia. The book is about her journey.  A story to inspire any child anywhere. For 7-9 years. You can order … Read more

Subtraction and Addition Songs for Preschoolers

Note: Please use these songs if you like them. Numbers can be substituted easily in both the subtraction and the addition songs. Your feedback will be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.  Please send your comments via https://www.fmirza.com/contact/ or simply email me at fmirza@fmirza.com Subtraction Song 10 bats 10 bats take 1 away leaves 9 bats 9 bats yay, yay, … Read more

Heritage Food Book

I am so happy to announce that the Pakistan Heritage Cuisine book which I edited has won the Gormand 2018 Best Asian Cookbook award! http://www.cookbookfair.com/index.php/gourmand-awards/winners-2018 C08 – Asian – Published in Asia China – Japanese and Korean (CHLIP) 978751847355 Hong Kong – Korean Wife’s Secret Recipes, Minji Chae (We Press) Indonesia – 100 Best Foods … Read more

Why Kids Lie

Many parents worry when their kids lie.  The issue is so widespread (and not just among children) and stressful for parents and kids that I started researching the topic.  I am now writing a story for 5-year-olds about the subject of ‘honesty and lies’.  Any input in the form of opinions or personal experiences would … Read more

Vulnerabilities of childhood and old age ……..

When a person is young and still remembers childhood years, he or she can relate to children’s issues. I believed and still do that I can entertain and support children by writing stories and poems that are fun as well as empowering. Today, I am getting older and can relate to issues (which I couldn’t … Read more

Heritage Food Book

Started writing and editing content for a Heritage Food Book.  Result is I think about food all the time! Nevertheless, enjoying the work: learning about foods, their history, stunning pictures of international cuisines, beautiful photos of places where the foods originated, how the food recipes travelled over time and countries where they have become integrated … Read more