Poems that Empower Children

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Poems that Empower Children is a collection of children’s fun poems with amusing illustrations. The poems convey concepts that enhance children’s sensibilities, such as points of view (to encourage empathy, tolerance and understanding), learning differences (validation of the challenges and frustrations children face in the classroom), and the fun and adventure that the world of nature, fantasy and stories can bring into their lives. The poems validate children’s experiences – the joys as well as the issues. As children and grown-ups relate to the poems they read together, they come closer because of shared experiences. The 62 page book with large readable text is a collection of assorted poems for 4 – 12 year olds. The book is available in three formats, Kindle ebook, paperback and hardcover. All the important things that enable one to lead a fulfilling life – things I have told my children and grandchildren to value, are present in this book in the form of poems. I have dedicated this collection of poems to ‘children’.

Suraj the Tiger Cub

Suraj the Tiger Cub

Suraj the Tiger Cub (4-8 years) – Oxford University Press (OUP) 2014. A collection of three stories about shared cubhood (childhood) experiences. Suraj is stressed by fears, lack of friends and a bully. His skills of ‘pausing to think’ before he acts, help Suraj overcome challenges to emerge as a hero of the jungle. Vivid jungle illustrations. Lovable main character.

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Hala's Window

Hala’s Window

Hala’s Window (7-11 years) – Oxford University Press (OUP) 2015.  Hala, a village girl, helps her mother at home as there is no school close by. Hala is curious and questions everything she sees around her. Her questions remain unanswered and Hala remains frustrated – that is, until a “window” opens and Hala “takes wings”! Diverse settings and characters.

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Baboo's Dream

Baboo’s Dream

Baboo’s Dream (3-5 years) – Oxford University Press (OUP) 2015. Bilingual (English and Urdu). Children will enjoy the adventurous fun story about a little sailor who is helped by a bird. Illustrations are colorful  and bright. The story helps children learn to count with their fingers. Suitable for children who read English only and those who read English and Urdu.

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A Bunny Rabbit's Wish

A Bunny Rabbit’s Wish

A Bunny Rabbit’s Wish (3-5 years) – Oxford University Press (OUP) 2015. Bilingual (English and Urdu). A little rabbit wants to see the world from up high. After several failed attempts, the little rabbit pauses to think. Presto, the rabbit achieves its dream with the help of a monkey friend! Cute colorful illustrations to please little readers. Suitable for children who read English only and those who read English and Urdu.

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Author’s Note: Baboo’s Dream and A Bunny Rabbit’s Wish are bilingual, in English with an Urdu translation. Children who only read English will find an opportunity to see what a foreign language script looks like. Children who are learning Urdu will enjoy reading the translation. The book is a good resource for native language programs run by departments of education in the US, Canada and other countries.

New Releases: Three Magic Keys to Good Health (OUP) and A Squirrel in Trouble (OUP) have been published. The former raises awareness of the importance of a balanced diet, age appropriate food portions and exercise. The latter has a squirrel, Sipi, as the main character. Sipi struggles to ‘do her own thing’ and not ‘copy’ her brother who is annoyed by her. Her persistence and ability to ‘think out’ solutions brings success!

3 magic keys are food groups, age appropriate portions, exercise
Three Magic Keys to Good Health

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squirrel sibling issues, sister teaches herself to do her own thing
A Squirrel in Trouble

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