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My recently published book of children's poems (4-12 years) is now available on Amazon. The ebook version ($2.99) is also available for immediate download. A review on Amazon would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Poems that Empower Children 
Do you remember the joy of being caught in rainfall as a child?  The breathtaking worlds of nature and fantasy that stories transported you to?  Fears of darkness, of doctor visits or clowns?  The confusion when grown-ups didn’t understand why you liked chocolate with cheese on your noodles?  Or, why you learned differently from other children? The collection of poems and rhymes provides reading fun while validating children’s experiences.  Farida Mirza, a psychology instructor, a schoolteacher, a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother writes to empower children. The poems help children build character, release the stresses of modern day lives and move towards their potential.  “I See Things From Where I Am,” conveys that it is all right to have a different point of view.
The poems are for children ages 4–12 years.    

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I dedicate the following poem to all the people who feel 'displaced' - whether it be within themselves or in the external world - displaced from the familiarity, comfort, love and security of relationships, family, home, town, state, country or a thousand other ways in which human beings can feel unanchored.



While I’ve moved from place to place following 
my reason,
My bewildered heart has wondered, 
Where do I belong? 

The town where I was born and bred, w
as home to me until,
I chased my dreams and left the place I carry within me still.
A new horizon, new beginning, endless possibilities,
Then storms arise and crush my hopes
My heart’s in agony.
Is this my destiny?

I close my eyes and trace my footsteps,
See all the places I’ve been,
And there are fragments of my heart
Entwined in every scene.
My tortured heart finds peace at last
As the answer dawns on me,
I belong to all I’ve touched 
And all belongs to me.
Farida Mirza © 2004

Note: I have a song version of the above poem for anyone who wishes to record a song. Please contact me at Thanks.

Suraj, the Tiger Cub  Hala's Window  Baboo's Dream  A Bunny Rabbit's Wish


In March 2015, Oxford University Press published three more of my books.  Currently the books are available for bulk orders only. Please contact Two of the books, Baboo's Dream and A Bunny Rabbit's Wish are bilingual, in English with an Urdu translation. The books are useful for native language programs run internationally in the US, Canada and many more countries by education departments. Hala's Window is about a south-Asian village girl who is bright, inquisitive and full of wonder. She has questions that remain unanswered as her parents are illiterate and she does not attend school. Everything changes when an open air school opens in the village. It is as if Hala has been given wings!
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The dependency of children on adults for the fulfillment of their needs, especially during their early years makes them very vulnerable as supportive adults are not always around children. Children need support from as many sources as possible. Stories have played an important role not just in entertaining children but also in helping them deal with childhood related issues. Stories help build character and empower children. 

I am a member of SCBWI, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I try to make a difference by writing empowering stories and poems for children.  I occasionally write for grown-ups.

I have posted some excerpts of my work for publishers and agents. 

"Suraj the Tiger Cub" for children 4-8 yrs, authored by me was published by Oxford University Press in 2014.  This year, 2015, three more of my books have been published, Hala's Window, Baboo's Dream and A Bunny Rabbit's Wish.

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I look forward to receiving your comments, negative or positive.  The negative ones will help me improve and the positive ones will give me encouragement.

Thanks. I
Farida Mirza


Stories that Empower Children and More

‘Learning Disabilities vs. Differences

LDA (Learning Disabilities Association of New York State) agrees that individuals with learning disabilities do learn differently and have as much to offer and contribute as individuals without learning disabilities’. –

I have experience of teaching children and have written the poem, ‘Learning Differences’ to raise awareness of the need to provide tools that will allow students with learning differences to enjoy learning and reach their potential.

Poetry Corner


Unlike other students? I know I am,
They understand, I’m puzzled all the time.

It’s good to know all’s right with me,
It's just that I learn differently.

Wish school was easy, as it's for them,
Will happen one day, but I don’t know when.

 Lessons are designed for majority needs,
Required is a system that takes me into heed.

A flexible system that holds me in embrace,
Ensures I will not be dropped from the race.

We all share the same goals, my path’s undefined,
Others’ routes are in place, what about mine?

Allowed to learn my way, I will find success,
Do well in class and be free from stress.

I have so much to show, so much to share,
All’s bottled inside, no one’s aware.

Failures confuse and frustrate me,
Triumph will bring hope undoubtedly.

Kind regular teachers do understand,
But they’re clueless and hopeless, just as I am.

While they teach others I sit and yearn,
I need special teachers to help me learn.

I struggle and stumble and don’t get too far,
Make it easy for me to be at par.

It’s unjust, it’s unfair I can’t but implore,
Too many are suffering so please don’t ignore.

Every gesture, step, effort, every action out there,
Will make a huge difference so show that you care.

Learning differences challenge those who teach,
The job’s a mountain with no visible peak.

Lessons for such students are tasks undefined,
We grope in the dark, we tire our minds.

So educators all, wherever you might be,
Remember such students in your community.

Take action now, design flexible tools,
Train special teachers and place them in schools.

Don’t wait to commit, let every girl and boy,
Experience learning – its wonder, its joy!

 © Farida Mirza 2015

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